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About DDK

DDK Positioning is a provider of Global Navigation Satellite Systems (GNSS) corrections. Our positioning solutions are designed in-house and are used to enhance our customers’ ability to improve and deploy location based services, asset tracking and GNSS positioning applications.

Our solutions can be delivered across almost any communication links including 3G / 4G, Wi-Fi and satellite. These delivery technologies and our amazingly accurate proprietary algorithms allow us to provide customers with ubiquitous precise positioning globally.

Increasing the accuracy of your smart phone, removing the uncertainty of your location or distance travelled.

DDK Values






Innovation We ensure that innovation is threaded throughout every element of the business, ensuring we challenge ourselves to deliver a better service to our customers.
Collaboration As a company we want to collaborate with customers, clients and employees to deliver a win win culture for all those involved.
Fun We endeavour to have fun in all that we do, celebrating our success with all our shareholders and sharing our passion with all those we work with.
Integrity At the core of the business we ensure we act with integrity in everything we do internally and externally.
Quality We will only deliver excellence to all our stakeholders

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More About Us

Mission Statement: To provide ubiquitous precise positioning globally.

DDK Positioning design and sell very accurate GNSS (Global Navigation Satellite Systems) solutions. GPS is a common name for such a system.

Our aim is to offer accurate and useful positioning solutions.

Our service are suitable for professionals, businesses and consumers, providing value-added services in work and leisure environments.

We improve the accuracy of the GPS positioning information and offer instant start up times, built in anti-spoofing and quality control features.

Example uses for our services include, geo-caching, geo-location, location based services, navigation, timing, mapping and tracking applications.

We provide ‘Accuracy Everywhere’ on your Smartphone.

Bridging the gap between cost and accuracy for consumer positioning applications