DDK Positioning are able to bring you improved accuracy levels to mobile phones.

Embedding our M-DGNSS solution within your application will initially work on android phones enabling your users to enjoy the benefits of improved accuracy levels.

Typically mobile phones will deliver 5 - 10 metre accuracy at best, with our solution, this will reduce to <1 metre in real time

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  • Improved sports tracking, distance and height
  • Better geolocation for geocaching/maps
  • Improved positioning for GIS applications
  • Better positional accuracy for augmented reality games/applications
  • Increase your satnav accuracy levels
  • Limitless applications...

Features At A Glance

  • Achieve accuracy levels below 1 metre - globally
  • Log data and 'correct' at a later date
  • Compare before and after solutions
  • Minimise your blue circle of error
  • Accurately analyse big data

How It Works

Embed our Software Development Kit (SDK) within your existing application and let us take care of the rest.

Our SDK connects to our server and corrects the user’s location with no need for any complicated interaction. Both you and your users can enjoy the power of accuracy

Simple setup. Simple use. Simple administration.

Seamless Integration

It couldn't be easier to setup

Unrivalled Accuracy

Give your users the best

Worldwide Outdoor Coverage

Anywhere. Everywhere.

Improved Analysis

More accurate readings = more accurate predictions

Cost Effective

Making precise positioning available to all users

Constant Support

We're with you every step of the way