DDK Positioning

We deliver GNSS Precise Point Positioning (PPP) solutions via the Iridium® Satellite

Communications Network, providing an independent, robust, and resilient global service.


Our Approach

We work with our clients to solve complex positioning challenges around the world, by providing accuracy everywhere

At DDK Positioning, we take the positioning of your assets seriously and we believe in providing a solution which is robust, resilient and accurate. To achieve this we partner with you through a process of discovery, ensuring that what we deliver is truly reflective of your needs.

We thrive on understanding what our customers need and not just what they ask for, making sure our positioning solution exceeds anticipated outcomes and demonstrates real business benefits.


By combining technical ingenuity with the Iridium Burst service, we have created a robust, resilient and completely independent military grade GNSS solution, with an enhanced accuracy of less than 5cm. 

This multi-constellation service uses all available GNSS signals and optimises them in our GNSS positioning solution, ensuring the user always has precise positioning at all times, globally.


Pole-to-Pole Coverage

Our unique service is delivered using the Iridium® satellite communications network providing global, pole-to-pole coverage.


Less than 5cm Accuracy

DDK Positioning’s multi-constellation GNSS PPP solution achieves accuracies of less than 5cm.

Unique 2-Way Communication

Utilising a 2-Way communication link, DDK Positioning can provide enhanced services to the user, such as monitoring, remote diagnostics and support.

Resilient and Robust System

In the unlikely event that the communication signal is lost or masked, our positioning solution will operate up to 10 minutes until the signal is re-acquired.


Key Products & Correction Services


Premium correction service


The DDK MAX is our premium correction service offering accuracies of less than 5cm. This service is available via the Iridium satellite network, providing coverage globally from pole-to-pole.




The DDK X3 system is the next generation of positioning equipment. Amongst its features are dual GNSS receivers, allowing for positioning and heading computation with our signature PPP augmentation.




The DDK X1 system is our original positioning solution featuring GPS, GLONASS, Galileo, BeiDou and QZSS reception capability.




DDK Positioning’s vision software is a fully integrated modular software suite that provides GNSS quality control and configuration functionality.

Sectors we work in

Our unique positioning solutions can be utilised in a number of markets, including offshore energy, maritime, agriculture and defence.

Offshore Energy

DDK Positioning's Precise Point Positioning (PPP) service provides global positioning for any offshore survey and construction project.

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DDK Positioning's Precise Point Positioning (PPP) service offers maritime vessels resilience to signal disruption globally.

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DDK Positioning's ground-breaking technology, allows rural farming continuity without connectivity issues.

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DDK Positioning's service is extremely robust and resilient, ensuring positioning during periods of communication outages.

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We are committed to providing customer support

Customer Support

Customer support is a core pillar of our service, and we understand that it is vital for us to provide fast, agile and consistent support.

Experienced Engineers

Our highly trained and experienced engineers are available to answer any queries

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our partners

DDK Positioning have formed alliances with leading partners to provide an innovative GNSS positioning solution to solve complex challenges. We recognise the power of collaborating with our partners to deliver value to our clients.

what our partners say

“We are impressed with the team that DDK Positioning has put together and see great potential for this technology and how it takes advantage of the Iridium network,” said Iridium CEO, Matt Desch. “DDK’s enhanced positioning is a unique capability that adds a high-value solution on top of our existing portfolio of custom network services. Solutions from Iridium and DDK Positioning are focused on precision agriculture, autonomous systems, maritime and infrastructure projects can now experience incredibly precise GNSS accuracy from anywhere on the planet.”

Matt Desch

CEO, Iridium

“There have been significant advances made in communications infrastructure and satellite positioning technology over the last several years. Using DDK Positioning’s technology will allow Oceaneering to offer enhanced positioning technology to build on our strong industry track record while continuing to serve the positioning needs of our clients now and into the future.”

Eric Smith

Director of Survey Services , Oceaneering

“With Topcon Positioning System’s extensive history in precise positioning, providing high performance and quality GNSS boards, antennas and receivers to the OEM industry for over 20 years, the company is well-positioned to supply DDK Positioning with the hardware needed to support their clients globally. Working closely with DDK Positioning and Iridium was key to meet the requirements of Oceaneering and the maritime market. Topcon is pleased to be part of this effort to bring the latest positioning technology to this market segment.''

Ian Stilgoe

Vice President of Emerging Business, Topcon

“DDK Positioning is leading the field in advanced GNSS positioning. We’re pleased to partner with such an innovative company and to be able to add this technology offering on top of the already extensive navigation and communication portfolio we offer our customers. The system will provide greater location accuracy, along with the ability to help detect and mitigate spoofing,”

Paul Rutherford

Service Director, NSSLGlobal