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Working within the offshore survey and construction industry can be a challenging environment as these projects demand high accuracy GNSS services.

Our unique delivery method over the Iridium® satellite network provides global, pole to pole coverage giving our customers confidence that they are covered wherever their project is. Our GNSS service can provide the impressive accuracies required by survey and construction projects of less than 5cm, making it the ideal positioning solution.

Providing the service through the Iridium® satellite network not only provides pole-to-pole coverage, but it also ensures full system redundancy whilst reducing the risk of sat-comm masking, interference, and signal swamping. In the unlikely event that signal is lost DDK Positioning’s unique algorithm will hold position accuracy for at least 10 minutes until the signal is re-acquired. Ensuring seamless precise positioning during the duration of a client’s survey and construction project.

Precise positioning | The DDK Advantage

Precise positioning

Our GNSS Precise Point Positioning (PPP) service provides a positioning accuracy of less than 5cm, removing local, expensive base stations. 

Global coverage

DDK’s positioning solution is delivered over the Iridium Burst service using Iridium’s network of 66 secure military grade Low Earth Orbit (LEO) communication satellites, providing pole-to-pole coverage.

Independent system

The system uses the Iridium® satellite network, from end to end, providing a fully independent alternative to Inmarsat providers.

System redundancy

The system is designed with multiple layers of redundancy built in at every stage, far more than any of our competitors. 

Signal outage

The communications link is robust and resilient however should the signal drop, our algorithms allow the user to calculate precise positions for a further 10 minutes.

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