Meet our exceptionally talented team

Kevin Gaffney, CEO & Chairman

As one of the founder members of DDK Positioning, Kevin wanted to make his vision a reality. Which was to provide the best GNSS Augmentation Service. By working with key people in the industry to develop partnerships with the experts in each market sector.

Kevin has over 25 year’s experience in the GNSS, survey and oil and gas sectors. He is a Chartered Surveyor and holds a MBA from Robert Gordon University and a MSc from Nottingham University. He also holds a place on the UK Hydrographic Society board of Directors.

David Mackay, CIO

Dave is a founder member of DDK Positioning, and has a keen interest in the space sector. This allows him to work closely with ESA and other industry leaders, to develop DDK Positioning’s solution further.

Dave is a crucial element within the company and is continually working on the next phase of our Precise Point Positioning solution.

Stuart Inglis, Managing Director

Stuart is responsible for the day-to-day management of the business. Enabling Team DDK to solve complex positioning challenges around the world by providing Accuracy Everywhere! 

As a Chartered Engineer he enjoys problem solving and building things. His personal purpose is to “Make it Work” so to quote John “Hannibal” Smith, I love it when a plan comes together!

Caroline Smith, Finance Director

Caroline is responsible for all financial aspects of DDK Positioning. Her attention to detail and the love of excel helps drive the financial reporting and management of the company.

Since qualifying as a Chartered Accountant with ICAS, she has worked in both accountancy practice and industry. Thus providing the company with a wide range of knowledge in Accountancy and Taxation.

Simon Canning, Service Director

Simon is instrumental in delivering DDK Positioning’s hardware and service from end-to-end. As well as leading our Product Management cycle.

Simon is a chartered surveyor and professional member of the RICS. He has worked in the geospatial and GNSS industries for over 25 years on land, at sea and in the air, in over of 50 countries around the world.

Stuart Alexander, Technical Director

Stuart leads the technical team in delivering the development roadmap, providing solutions for our clients’ GNSS challenges.

Cara Lewis, Marketing Manager

Cara is responsible for all marketing and communication activity within DDK Positioning. All the while she is also developing and maintaining the DDK brand. 

She works alongside the commercial team to promote the company’s unique GNSS solution.


Mo Barrie, Business Manager

With over a decade of Senior Management experience, Mo’s role as Business Manager is to work closely with all departments. Supporting the team to ensure the smooth running of the business – Mo thrives on the variety each day brings.

Richard Mason, Account Manager

Richard works closely with our Offshore Energy partner, Oceaneering. His focus is to grow their client base and facilitate the adoption of our DDK positioning service globally. 

In his downtime Richard is gaining another qualification in children’s coaching with the SFA!

Andrew Robertson, Operations Support Specialist

Andrew works within our Operations team. Managing the production of all our hardware, and keeping track of our stock. All whilst precisely making sure it gets from A to B, which isn’t a problem for us being a positioning company!

Andrew loves problem solving so much in his spare time he fixes cars and PCs!

Calum Lynch, Graduate Data Analyst

Calum works within our technical team, designing data processing tools and analysing all things data. 

When he isn’t busy number crunching Calum loves getting out on his mountain bike and being in the kitchen where he cooks a mean spicy tomato pasta!

Kim Gaffney, HR Coordinator

Kim keeps the team on the right track and makes sure we are all a’ok as a team!

Outwith the DDK office, Kim loves nothing more than being outdoors with her family, whether it’s a 5-minute walk, a hill climb or a paddle at the beach!

Especially if there is a homemade slice of cake and a cuppa whilst she’s outside!

Iain Shearer, Senior Systems Engineer

Iain has a number of years experience and works within our technical dream team. His main focus is on DDK’s cloud service, ensuring our all-singing, all-positioning service delivers accuracy everywhere.

Steve Clark, Our Ambassador

Steve has always been instrumental in DDK Positioning. Having served as our Chairman for a number of years, he will now be flying the DDK flag as our ambassador!

Steve has held a number of senior positions in companies specialising in Positioning, Navigation, Telematics and Communications and Electronics which makes him a perfect fit for the DDK team.

Andrew McMurtrie, Business Consultant

Andrew is a great asset to the DDK team, he brings with him a wealth of knowledge having held a number of senior positions in companies specialising in Survey and Positioning, which makes him a perfect fit for the DDK team.