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correction services

We deliver our unique precise point positioning using our MAX service.

DDK MAX meets the position and navigation accuracy requirements for offshore survey and construction, maritime, agriculture and defence markets.


The DDK MAX is our premium accuracy correction service offering accuracies of less than 5cm.

This service is available via the Iridium® satellite network, providing coverage globally from pole-to-pole. The MAX service is robust, reliable and redundant.

Precise Positioning

Independent System

Global Accuracy

No Infrastructure or Reference Stations

Outage Performance

Low Risk of Spoofing



The DDK X3 is the next generation of positioning. It is an integrated multi-constellation GNSS and PPP augmentation transceiver that incorporates GPS, GLONASS, Galileo, BeiDou and QZSS reception capability. With 2 GNSS receivers in one, the X3 can compute a heading output to 0.1 degrees of accuracy over a standard 2m baseline.

It’s connectivity is unparalleled with WiFi, Bluetooth and LTE communications built in. User configuration is delivered through a web interface. There is also an in-built UHF transceiver for RTK operations, allowing it to transmit and receive local corrections.

The system receives DDK Positioning’s augmentation exclusively via the Iridium® communications network, with backup over alternative network connections. Thus, making the DDK X3 unique in providing positioning accuracies in excess of less than 5cm anywhere in the world, including the polar regions. Ensuring accuracy everywhere.


The DDK X1 system is our original positioning solution. With a single multi-constellation receiver combined with Iridium connectivity, it offers DDK’s signature enhanced Precise Point Positioning solution globally.

We now recommend using the DDK X3 for all your positioning needs, it has all the great benefits of the X1 but with increased connectivity and functionality.




DDK Positioning’s VISION software is a fully integrated modular software suite that provides GNSS positioning visualisation and configuration functionality straight to your screens.

VISION is your way to connect with the hardware and service, enabling users to monitor position quality, GNSS quality, as well as enabling the user to configure DDK Positioning’s hardware for their specific application.


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