DDK – precise positioning even during periods of communication outages accuracy everywhere


Our service is extremely robust and resilient, utilising many layers of failover systems.

DDK Positioning’s hardware is built to last and tested for use in many harsh environments that it may encounter. This makes it ideal for use on naval vessels, land vehicles and temporary infrastructure. Our proprietary algorithm minimises the band width required for our service, allowing existing communications channels to be utilised for its delivery without over-stressing them.

Our unique service is delivered over the Iridium® satellite network providing global, pole-to-pole coverage, and positioning accuracies of less than 5cm, giving our defence customers uninterrupted coverage and confidence that they are covered in the harshest environments.

Precise Positioning | The DDK Advantage

Precise positioning

Our GNSS Precise Point Positioning (PPP) service provides a positioning accuracy of less than 5cm, removing local, expensive base stations. 

Global coverage

DDK’s positioning solution is delivered over the Iridium Burst service using Iridium’s network of 66 secure military grade Low Earth Orbit (LEO) communication satellites, providing pole-to-pole coverage.

Secure network

Iridium Burst is a secure military grade network which delivers a correction service to specific areas, reducing the risk of interference

Signal disruption

Reduced risk of the signal being disrupted or spoofed.

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