Ludlow – Haydock Race Course – 110 miles.

After a stormy evening in Ludlow, we thought the air would have cleared and made for a cooler start, but no, it was still warm to start. Coming out of Ludlow we had a slight medical challenge, Kevin’s Achilles Tendons nearly popped, every pedal stroke was agony! But though this was a medical issue, it was potentially self-inflicted, by not setting up the bike seat at the right height for the previous 300 miles, dropping the seat a little made a huge difference and the rolling hills could continue. (Some say this was a easy error to make, others would say he was a fool for taking 300 miles to work this out…)

The first stop was to be at a pub for coffees at Long Water, but we found out this was closed, so it was a pit stop in the car park – where Dave our support team managed to put some refreshments out…

Puncture Repair Time

Then onward onto Nantwich, and the day was hotting up….just as we were reaching Nantwich, we suffered out first puncture…which tested our preparation of spare parts, and we were back on the road again in no time!

Nantwich was a very much appreciated stop, once again Dave did a great job in finding a suitable lunch venue, with some great food!

After lunch, it felt like heading back into the furnace…the hottest day so far…the only saving grace was the lack of hills, but it was definitely a sapping section of the ride, one nice part was that we were hit by a rather large rain shower which made for a refreshing end of the ride.

To finish off the day, we managed a swim in the hotel pool which was a surprise, but a welcome cool down.

‘Richard of the Day’ goes to….yet to be decided….we will potentially collate a few, but I am sure you will have a guess who is leading the nominations.