DDK’s Network of GNSS Reference Stations – The Final Piece of the Jigsaw

DDK is committed to providing the most robust and reliable GNSS augmentation service possible, we feel the only way to do this is use the optimum solution for each element of the service – with no compromise.

We are proud to announce that the final piece of the ‘jigsaw’ is now implemented as part of our service.

In addition to optimal global server solutions, Iridium delivery, Topcon GNSS hardware and in-house end to end navigation solutions we now have the addition of our GNSS network of reference stations and correction generation, ensuring optimal corrections are generated at the start point. The reference network stations are instrumental in providing a robust and reliable positioning service.

The 100+ globally distributed stations use sites selected to provide the optimum coverage for satellite tracking, multiple communication links, multiple state of the art GNSS receivers and backup power. This culminates in a level of redundancy that DDK is synonymous for and delivers professional level services to our end users.

Additionally the implementation of this network goes beyond the redundancy aspects of the service we provide. The use of this network of industry leading GNSS receivers as reference stations also delivers enhanced levels of accuracy for our services.

The tabulated results below are for a 24-hour period, as 5 different global locations.

Summary of results:

This enhanced level of service accuracy is a direct result of the latest GNSS infrastructure DDK operates and enables further enhancements to be implemented in the future.

Working with our partners Topcon and Iridium allows us to provide a positioning solution that is poles apart from the rest. By utilising our own reference station network, it allows us to provide the end user with increased accuracy and more importantly a positioning that is fully independent, robust and resilient.

For further information, please download the latest datasheet of our MAX service here or get in touch: info@ddkpositioning.com.