So after a lovely run down into Bath on Day 2, we had a delightful early morning climb back out of the city! Well, that was certainly one way to get the legs loosened off and the blood pumping again!

We quickly ticked off another two counties – Wiltshire, very VERY closely followed by South Gloucestershire and made our way through some delightful wee villages en route to our first coffee stop just short of the Severn Bridge.


At which point…the Richard of the Day award was promptly won by none other than our Kenny again! On leaving the coffee stop he got “attacked” by a tree which nicked his glasses (the tree was feared of both Kevin and Stuart and left them alone) meaning he got split up from the other two. On realising Kevin and Stuart stopped on the bridge to allow Kenny to catch up. Cue a call from Kenny informing them he was lost (within 400m of the restart point) and when told the others were waiting on the bridge, Kenny asked “What bridge”? The answer given cannot be published here…
Red = Start Blue = Kevin & Stuart. Where’s Kenny?!

Once regrouped the team continued over the Severn Bridge into Wales annnnd then back out again shortly after, heading through the Wye valley and Forest of Dean. One of the three countries of Great Britain ticked off! Further on through the Wye valley we came across Kevin’s best man, Ander and lovely wife Jo and wee boy Max with their Wheelie Big Ride support sign. We were very kindly offered lunch at their house which the hungry riders jumped at. Slight catch, it was up a HUGE hill! But we will do anything for lunch!


Fraser the legend
At least what goes up has to come down so we enjoyed the downhill and rest of the journey through the very scenic and picturesque Wye Valley. After a much needed coffee stop at Leominster (the only coffee shop in town which was still open was sniffed out by Dave, and it was smashing, top marks!) we continued on to our stop for the evening at Ludlow. And what a place to stop, Ludlow looked amazing and will definitely be worth a visit when we’ve got more time! But we had to get on to the hotel where we met Kevin’s family – mum, dad, sister, brother-in-law and the main man Fraser who is the inspiration behind this trip for Kevin. A fantastic evening followed with great company and food!